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The logo Story:

Shaadi by Marriott, marries luxury with culture. As proud members of the vibrant Indian family, it was only natural for us to write a word as traditional as “Shaadi” in a typeface as modern and luxurious as Marriott. The sense of space offered is brought alive through the kerning used for the words... By the Marriott.

Billboards, signages and display advertising:

Marriott specialised in all weddings that are Indian at heart, yet international in style. Each creative showcased brides and couples at the happiest time of their lives. Marriott not only crafts a wedding out of your dreams but also gifts you an unforgettable honeymoon.

The brochure:

Taking the theme of “crafted” ahead into a brochure that also served as a coffee table book, the blue border along with the pink cover made of velvet was foiled with golden motifs to represent a resplendent Indian bride, it was punch cut to a matte turquoise lotus shaped motif. Each page showcased every possible location offered by Marriott in all its glory. At the Marriott we are rolling out the red carpet to the wedding of your dreams.

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We will always be the underdogs, because that’s what drives us and pushes us to create solutions and experiences that make you look good, feel better while you achieve the best.

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To make the offline world just as good-looking as the online.

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Because analytics, insights and performance should look just as good.

    Our Expertise:

  • User Interface Design (UI),
  • Experience Design (UX),
  • Content Creation & Production,
  • Website Development (WD),
  • Technology Activations & Experiences,
  • E-commerce Solutions,
  • Media Solutions

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