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Welcome to the new Lifelong India Online Experience.

Inviting you to experience the web, where less is more. Designed to understand your needs even before you do, the Lifelong website is simple, intuitive and responsive. We’ve blended stunning photography with nuanced colours, stirred in a friendly tone, and served up without any unnecessary clutter.

The Ticker:

Crafted, and possibly a first on this platform, for the sole purpose of communicating offers, important information, sitewide updates and new products, we set up the ticker as a rapid delivery system for bite sized messages.

The Multi Grid System:

We made everything within reach, easy to find, easier to notice. We got rid of unnecessary scrolling across multiple pages and let the product categories take the centre stage, so everything you need, is right in front of you.

Product Features:

We wanted to shine the spotlight on every aspect of the products. We knew that this wouldn’t be possible without invention. Not limited by the platform’s defined parameters, we re-engineered Shopify’s carousel, cherry picked plug-ins and built a system that showcased the core and benefits of every product, right on the page that matters.

The Photography Language:

We wanted the photographs to do all the talking. So we chose to go with a clean and minimal style of photography to ensure that every product was captured in the most aesthetic way possible. With the style in place, we struck a balance between speed and artistic requirements. We captured 130 products through 300 shots in just 32 hours. The photography language added the much needed zest, seamlessly bringing it all together across the website.

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We will always be the underdogs, because that’s what drives us and pushes us to create solutions and experiences that make you look good, feel better while you achieve the best.

We collaborate with

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To make the offline world just as good-looking as the online.

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Because analytics, insights and performance should look just as good.

    Our Expertise:

  • User Interface Design (UI),
  • Experience Design (UX),
  • Content Creation & Production,
  • Website Development (WD),
  • Technology Activations & Experiences,
  • E-commerce Solutions,
  • Media Solutions

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