Centrick | V R Costa Brava

The logo Story:

A mark made by an individual on an instrument or document, it signifies knowledge, approval, acceptance and an obligation. One of the most important things about a signature is its authenticity, and the signer's intention. Our intention is to provide you the best of Costa Brava. Better than anyone else. It’s a commitment. Our commitment.

The stationary:

Inspired by the region and its vast beaches. The thought was then to marry the logo with everyone's favourite thing to do with the sand on a beach, etch your name on it. To add a touch of luxury, the etching on this sandy beach was done in gold.

The web experience:

Costa Brava, a region that tickles your senses with galloping slopes wrapped in lush greenery that kiss blue skies and touch blue waters. Here, every square inch is paradise. Here, time stands still. The design tried to do justice to this region by devoting every pixel technically available to showcase this gorgeous land. Its slow pace was brought alive through with transitions, parallaxes, while its tone remained personal.

A book to go with your coffee:

Soak in the life Costa Brava has to offer, while you are sitting back and sipping your favourite coffee or those fine fermented grapes in a glass. A hard bound book where every page pays homage to this exquisite region. The textured paper gives it a feel that’s reminiscent of the region.

Centrick image

We will always be the underdogs, because that’s what drives us and pushes us to create solutions and experiences that make you look good, feel better while you achieve the best.

We collaborate with

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To make the offline world just as good-looking as the online.

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Because analytics, insights and performance should look just as good.

    Our Expertise:

  • User Interface Design (UI),
  • Experience Design (UX),
  • Content Creation & Production,
  • Website Development (WD),
  • Technology Activations & Experiences,
  • E-commerce Solutions,
  • Media Solutions

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