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Here’s to Mrs Braganza. And, may she always make Mr. Braganza look sharp. A film we created for Bombay Shirt Company to showcase their #FitSmart algorithm. To solve for the abandonment carts on site, since the user had to calculate their size using the FitSmart algorithm we used a couple generally averse to technology help showcase its ease of use and how accurate it is.

Bombay Shirt Company X Lokesh Karekar

When India’s leading visual artist collaborates to create a collection for Bombay Shirt Company, we take the audience on an inspiring journey across Mumbai in his quest to create wearable pieces of art.

#NewPackaging Film: The long kiss goodbye

Finally, after so many years of being stuck to a plastic bag and that cardboard box, Bombay Shirt Company was getting rid of it. So, at Centrick we decided to make it an ode to all that they were getting rid of.

Bombay Shirt Company: New HQ Launch Video

Bombay Shirt Company wanted to showcase their new space. The idea was to let people know how it can transform to serve various needs. So at Centrick, we waited, till they had a party. We took two parts of slick camera work, muddled it with some beats, stirred it on an edit table and poured out 1:16min of happiness. Take a sip, let us know what you think.

Your Weekly Dose of Style.

Because it’s an emailer, it has to look twice as good. So, at Centrick we created lookbooks that range from the use of models to flat lays. We thought about the type of props we use to the poses we like. We thought about light. We studied how it traveled through the Bombay Shirt Company Studio. But above all we designed everything mobile-first.

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We will always be the underdogs, because that’s what drives us and pushes us to create solutions and experiences that make you look good, feel better while you achieve the best.

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To make the offline world just as good-looking as the online.

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Because analytics, insights and performance should look just as good.

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